Made from the highest quality materials, modern, with a guarantee of durability.
The unique design and unique features make the SLO Design
brand for the most demanding customers

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Stairs Progressive

Slo Design stairs in the Progressive collection improve the work in any garden and home. They allow reaching top shelves and upper branches in gardens or orchards. They have been created to facilitate household chores, picking ripe fruit or trimming hedges, thus providing an alternative to bulky ladders. Slo Design ensures that they are safe to use, whatever force is applied. Their elegant design and an interesting range of color schemes also make Slo Design stairs a decorative element - pots of flowers or other ornaments can be set upon them. The carefully selected material provides for color durability and requires no maintenance.

  • Schodki Progressive
  • Schodki Progressive
  • Schodki Progressive

Available colors:

  • Kolor czarny
  • Kolor czerwony
  • Kolor zielony
  • Kolor ciemno-zielony
  • Kolor niebieski

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