Made from the highest quality materials, modern, with a guarantee of durability.
The unique design and unique features make the SLO Design
brand for the most demanding customers

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Garden table - rectangular

A Slo Design rectangular lawn table in the Progressive Collection is designed specifically for the garden, and provides stable and practical equipment. Its unique colors and elegant design set it apart from similar products. Created with the utmost care from high quality materials, it fulfills its role for many years and provides a 100% satisfaction. Requires no maintenance and is resistant to adverse weather conditions while maintaining color intensity.

  • Stół ogrodowy prostokątny
  • Komplet mebli ogrodowych prostokątny
  • Komplet mebli ogrodowych prostokątny

Available colors:

  • Kolor niebieski
  • Kolor czarny
  • Kolor czerwony
  • Kolor zielony
  • Kolor ciemno-zielony

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